Thursday, November 04, 2004


The beat goes on

In Washington Stadium news, everything has happened as expected so far. Marion Barry, Vincent Gray, and I assume the other stadium opponent did win their elections (they had previously just won the Democratic primaries - but election was virtually guaranteed. Barry won something like 18,000 to 300. )

The cost of the "payoff" continues to rise from 400 million to 450 million now. This mirrors the cost of the stadium rising from 440 to 530 (expected).

The 5-member committees passed the legistlature necessary to get the deal to full committee vote on the 7th. On this I'd like to take a minute to point out Council member, Kevin Chavous. After getting ousted by a anti-stadium opponent, he voted for the stadium proposal on both committees. Way to stick it to the people, Kevin! You sure showed them for not voting for you! That's a great elected official! (Actually this is a bit premature as committee things are often passed with less trial than full votes, but I fully expect him to screw the people he represents. Don't let me down, Kev.)

What does this mean? Nothing you didn't know.

The $450 million is fools' gold. Money promised off the taxes proponents are sure will be generated by all those businesses wanting to build near the stadium despite no previous evidence really backing them up. The eventual trickle will not even reach the communites till years down the road.

The $530 total for the stadium will be passed. It just always is. I wouldn't be surprised if the stadium hit $600 million.

The proposal will most likely pass. It only needs 7 votes to do it (it is a 13 member council) and 4 said yes in the committees. Jim Ward and Councilwoman "the money can't go for anything else" Cropp, are sure yeses. Assuming no changes of heart only one more would be needed to push it over the top and at that point Mayor Williams will probably be giving out his ATM code to get this passed.

Rumor has it that his ATM code is BOSCO
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