Thursday, October 28, 2004


Big Day in Washington

It's an ol' fashioned D.C. Council hearing. Get me shotgun, granny!

Over 170 people have signed up to speak at the council hearing. Some in favor of it, probably more opposed

Excluding the economic arguments for the time being, given these statements concerning the public funding of a stadium, whcih sides seems more compelling to you?

"It will be really exciting for my players to see a baseball game for the first time in their lives and to have baseball players as athletic role models," said Frazier O'Leary, the baseball coach at Cardozo High, who plans to testify.

Jay Haddock, general manager of the Capital Hotel group, said he believes the stadium would improve Washington's image nationally. "We're not second to Baltimore or other cities that have baseball teams," he said. "Let's do it and be proud of it."

"They want a multimillion-dollar stadium for millionaires, and we don't have rec centers for kids," said Angela Jones, executive director of D.C. Action for Children.

Sczerina Perot, an activist for the homeless, wondered how city leaders could propose such a plan when they routinely reject her pleas for funds. "I heard that [rejection] about everything I ask for," she said.

My favorite quote in the piece was this gem by the Mayor.:
"I can't imagine why, with all the things happening in the world, the Cato Institute would take the time to analyze the impact of baseball in Washington, D.C.," Williams (D) said yesterday during a luncheon speech at the University Club

It reminds me of someone getting busted for speeding complaining that the cops should be fighting terrorists.

Oh and as
I predicted here on exposbaseball DOT blogspot DOT com, he's caving even more now upping the ante to 400 million. The man is desparate. I hear next he'll offer piggy back rides to and from the stadium for all kids under 12.

Another show of opposition by the angry public
here, in case you're bored.

What? No commentary on hiring Jim Bowden as GM?
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