Wednesday, January 19, 2005



Thank you Jim Caple. Thank you for keeping up with the Expos in some manner. Really he's the only one I've seen on the websites I frequent that did more than a passing "Too bad." article.

For your information, The Nationals are currently one of only 5 teams without a mascot and I assume they'll have one soon. The others are the Yankees, the Dodgers, the Cubs, and the Los Angeles, California, USA, Earth Angels Baseball Club Incorportaed of SouthEastern Anaheim, Ballpark District. (The Heightened Emotion Monkey of Rallying is not an official mascot) .

Cleveland is a thing called "Slider". The Red Sox have the god-awful "Wally the Green Monster" The White Sox is a mess called Southpaw, I can only assume named after the cheap beer he drinks. Take a look for yourself. Ones not there include the Reds "Gapper", Texas' "Rangers Capitan", KC's Sluggerrr (spelling correct - you see it's a LION!) , and San Fran's Lou Seal (I hear he won't come back where he belongs).

Hmmm I think it's time to rate the mascots.

Youppi with the habs? That would be sweet.

I hope they can get him a mini Zamboni!
youppi is with the habs its in the paper oh ya
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