Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Rock, Chalk, no Hawk - Conspiracy!

In reverse:
Andre Dawson was not voted into the HOF. He's making progress slowly but surely. In percentages from the 2002 vote we've got 45.3% - 50% - 50% - 52.3% at this rate it'll take Andre...about 24 years to make it to Cooperstown. Is he worth a vote? Well he was a good outfielder for about 15 years ('77-'92) but he could never string together great seasons. They came sporadically. He was just too much of a hacker (44 walks is his season high) Initially an above average fielder, he really hobbled around at the end. As outfielders go, I'd give him a nod over Jim Rice, since Hawk's more well rounded, but it's a tough call whether I'd vote him in the hall. Probably not.

Sandberg and Boggs were voted in completely surprising noone. Both of them deserved it Boggs was THE contact hitter for about a decade and Ryno was one of the best second baseman ever. I was holding out for a surprise (Gossage) but didn't get one.

Tim Raines will be up for enshrinement next year. I'd argue he's a better candidate than Dawson. More good years ('81-'98), almost 3 times the walks, almost 1000 RBI's from a guy who spent most of his career leading off in the National League. Not a great fielder but I remember a solid one. He's probably going to get lost in the shuffle in year 2 because everything he did well, Rickey Henderson was phenomenal at. I hope he gets a serious look.

The only two on the ballot to get 0 votes? Otis "Expo from 88-90" Nixon and Mark "Expo in 89" Langston. I smell more anti-Expo bias. Lee "Expo in 97" Smith is also probably suffering from this nefarious scheme hatched atop baseball's ivory tower to erase Montreal from existence. Be warned!

Otis Nixon got to the HOF ballot? Didn't saw that one coming... Well he did steal quite a few bases. But what the heck did he do there?
You could argue he's the second best player who's first name starts with "O", behind Orlando Cepada. (Orel Hershiser really was a candle in the wind). Definately Top 5. That's gotta count for something.
Oooh, I bet Dan Quisenberry would have loved *that* line of reasoning!

-- Gadi
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