Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Hey "Mon"

Travelling a little further down the rails on the HOF train, I was wondering who will be the last player making it toe Cooperstown with a MON on the plaque? Assuming none of our rookies or youngsters surprise we've got relatively few candidates.

Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez are locks. I'd imagine Pedro will retire after Randy, but it will be close. They should be in around 2011 or so. Anyone of Lee Smith, Andre Dawson, Tim Raines, and Vlad Guerrero (if he keeps up his pace) could make it. Obviously Vlad would be the last. Giving him 8 more years and a year or two for induction...2018? Carl Pavano and Larry Walker have an outside chance, but I wouldn't bet on either.

So all Expos fans - clear your schedule for the second half of the next decade. It'll be your last chance to celebrate Les Expos.

You got Andre Dawson going in as an Expo. Gotta love that.
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