Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Radke signs, Wright to sign - what's left for the Nats?

Reports say Radke has signed with the Twins and Wright will sign with the Yanks. It was well known that the Nats wanted pitching, and that these were two of their targets. The Nats are most likely looking toward Odalis Perez now. I don't believe that's the worst thing in the world, but I know I'll be shaking my head when/if I hear the contract terms. If Radke got 9 mill a year at his age, and Wright got 7 mill over 3 years for 1 good season, Bowden should pay Perez around 8 mill a year for 4 years.

But before I judge Rowdy Bowden is there something better out there?

Part 1 - A through Loaiza

Paul Byrd (34) 18HR 114.1 IP 1.24 WHIP 4.16 K/BB 6.22 K/9
Matt Clement (30/31) 23HR 181 IP 1.28 WHIP 2.35 K/BB 9.45 K/9
Omar Daal (33) 11HR 93.2 IP 1.75 WHIP 1.71 K/BB 5.09 K/9
Shawn Estes (32) 30HR 202 IP 1.62 WHIP 1.06 K/BB 5.21 K/9
Orlando Hernandez (36) 9 HR 84.2 IP 1.29 WHIP 2.33 K/BB 8.93 K/9
Al Leiter (39) 16 HR 173.2 IP 1.35 WHIP 1.11 K/BB 6.06 K/9
Jon Lieber (34) 20HR 176.2 IP 1.32 WHIP 5.10 K/BB 5.20 K/9
Jose Lima (32) 33HR 170.1 IP 1.24 WHIP 2.33 K/BB 4.91 K/9
Esteban Loaiza (33) 9 HR 42.1 IP 2.06 WHIP 1.21 K/BB 7.23 K/9

How would I ranks these for the Nats

Byrd - A solid pitcher with great control. Should keep you in every game though needs to keep the ball down.
Clement - Has the most promise, as pitchers can keep improving at this age, and best stats. Will be expensive though.
Lieber - Similar to Byrd, though competition with Yanks could raise price and arm has been reconstructed
Leiter - Aging vet can help staff, but stats have been dropping every year
Estes - Coors makes him look worse than he is, but not much worse. Back of the rotation starter
Hernandez - Big injury risk. Probably older than he is. When he is pitching can be quite effective.
Lima - Lima Time! Stats show last year a fluke. Likely to get lit up in 2005.
Loaiza - Year everyone remembers was fluke. Recent pitching more in line with past.
Daal - Done.

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