Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Radke signs, Wright to Sign - PART 2

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Derek Lowe (31/32) 15HR 182.2 IP 1.61 WHIP 1.44 K/BB 5.17 K/9
Pedro Martinez (33) 26HR 217 IP 1.17 WHIP 3.72 K/BB 9.41 K/9
Kevin Millwood (30) 14HR 141 IP 1.46 WHIP 2.23 K/BB 7.98 K/9
Eric Milton (29/20) 43HR 201 IP 1.35 WHIP 1.99 K/BB 7.21 K/9
Hideo Nomo (34/35) 19HR 84 IP 1.75 WHIP 1.26 K/BB 5.79 K/9
Russ Ortiz (30/31) 23HR 204 IP 1.51 WHIP 1.20 K/BB 6.29 K/9
Carl Pavano (28) 16HR 222 IP 1.17 WHIP 2.24 K/BB 5.63 K/9
Odalis Perez (27/28) 26HR 196 IP 1.14 WHIP 2.67 K/BB 5.87 K/9
Aaron Sele (34/35) 16HR 132 IP 1.62 WHIP 0.96 K/BB 3.48 K/9
Ismael Valdez (31/32) 33HR 170 IP 1.48 WHIP 1.29 K/BB 3.55 K/9
Ron Villone (35) 12HR 117 IP 1.42 WHIP 1.28 K/BB 6.62 K/9
David Wells (42) 23HR 195 IP 1.14 WHIP 4.81 K/BB 4.65 K/9
Woody Williams (38/39) 20HR 189 IP 1.32 WHIP 2.15 K/BB 6.22 K/9
Jamey Wright (30) 8HR 78 IP 1.61 WHIP 0.85 K/BB 4.69 K/9

and rating
Martinez - A True #1. Maybe not all he was but still a dominant force and in a new league could be amazing again
Perez - Might be LA helped, but still young and good enough if can cut down on HR
Wells - Cheap nowadays, I'll believe he can't be a consistent winner the first season it happens
Pavano - If he's made a leap, he could be a good acquisition, but stats don't seem to think he made it. Will be well overpriced.
Lowe - Will be better than last year, but must understand it's his loss of control, not the defense behind him, that's really killing him
Ortiz - an intriguing innnings eater. Any uptick in skill in this guy and a team could get a real bargain.
Villone - That's right Ron Villone. I think the guy would be a winner given a chance on a good team
Milton - 43 HR. If you could cut that in half you'd have a good lefty pitcher, but he's always been prone to this
Williams - Age started to get to him, relies on same skills Wells does, but not as good or proven
Millwood - Injury risk, maybe a head case (couldn't take pressure of Philly?). A change of scenery might help.
Nomo - Gets a lot of Ks, but lost if not in LA
Wright - Bad, but young so I guess teachable. And pulling anyone out of Coors would help the mind.
Valdez - Slowly becoming the most hittable starter in the major leagues
Sele - Old, can't strike anyone out, an emergency rotation guy.

In Part 3 - I'll pass them through the "TOT" (Tomo Ohka Test) and give you my opinions on who is signable or not.

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