Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Did I miss anything?

Ok, I'm back from fun in whereever it is that Big Oranges go. There are several stories of importance to go over:

Nats gets stadium deal!
Baseball's compromises are very minor.
1) It'll help pay for insurance on cost overruns. Insurance is a tiny figure (I think it'll cost baseball around 2-3 mill a year) and something baseball could easily sign-off on as it won't figure in the costs for a potential owner
2) They'll let private financing be considered as long as the stadium gets built. What do they care? As long as it doesn't take away from the owners potential profits and thus the sale price of the franchise, they could care less. This isn't really a compromise. (though in the large sense any sort of tax or parking meter scheme would take away from the owner's profitability but baseball and the council seem to have the same short sightedness when it comes to economics)

It's still a bad deal. But the insurance is almost a slap in the head, "why didn't we think of this before", move that everyone should be glad is on the bill.

Eischen signs! So does Schneider!
Eischen seemed ok when back from injury and should be another lefty specialist in the pen. It doesn't hurt having on more lefty in the pen, especially after Steve Kline was signed. I would have liked to see a longer deal on Schneider, 3 years if we could have. He's cheap and unlikely to degrade much in the short term. There's an outside chance he'll bust out though and I'd hate to lose him next year, given we have no cheap viable options on the club right now.

Ohka might not be back!
Ohka is good, but not that good. We could afford to lose him, but I'm afraid it would put Bowden in even more of a frenzy to sign a starter that we may not necessarily need (I mean, we need a starter, but a #1 or #2 type of guy, not just another warm body. We got plenty of those) I hope he does sign, as he'll probably be cheaper and better than an Estes or a Shawn Chacon.

It would be a shame to lose Ohka -- he's much better than he gets credit for.

And just some linguistic nitpicking from an old Rusty Staub fan: Naranja is just for the fruit; naranjado is the color. I suspect what you're looking for is "El Gran Naranjado".

-- Gadi
Uh... Ohka is definitely coming back in 2005. While he and the teams probably won't come to terms, he does not become a free agent, because he is under team control and has been offered arbitration.

In January, he'll go through arbitration, which means that he submits a salary figure and the team does as well, and a professional arbitrator will choose one of the two numbers. Both sides are bound to stick to the arbitrator's ruling.
Right and right. Would you believe I put errors in there on purpose?

Name: Wouldn't it be "anaranjado"? I should have changed this long ago but never got around to it.

Ohka: Yeah, I got confused on my non-tender date. I just assumed it was the end of the year. I should have been clued in to the fact they never mentioned it in the article that it passed while I was sans internet. Unless he gets traded, he'll be with the team.
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