Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Watching Paint Dry - DC Council Updates

Is there a channel for watching paint dry? I know they do fishes in aquarium. Because it's got to be better than watching the DC Council talk .

I'll keep you up-to-date. Right now Rep Graham (a swing voter) won't support Cropp's amendment (which is not a cap - but a warning bell of sorts) because he (rightfully) believes that if you give them a "cap" of $630 million, they'll take it.

Catania is a testy little bastard, ain't he?

Cropp is removing RFK site from the amendment for various reasonable concerns (why not build elsewhere?

Evans is voting for it because - hey other stadiums cost alot, and the actual stadium cost is low, it's the infrastructrue that the rest of the money. Yes. That's his reasoning. He's jumping off the bridge becuase Johnny jumped off the bridge and it isn't actually the jump that hurts you, it's the rocks at the bottom.

Cropp with a nice line basically allowing the end to debate by saying "I just asked members not to end debate but if they want to I can't stop 'em"

Cropp puts in a amendment so businesses won't have to cover overrun

Councilwoman Patterson wants to strip to community part from the issue because she thinks it's just there for votes. Smart woman.

Graham makes a very weird point. He's saying that "we all know it's a bad deal and we're only going for it because we can make a positive out of it, for example getting libraries built. Don't take it out." Ok but then why vote for it in the first place?

We got 1) people who will only vote for this deal if they get something but think it's a bad deal 2) people who won't vote for this amendment because it raises the costs even more 3) people who won't vote for the deal but think this is the only good thing in it.

Two amendments have passed so far. This is the Third. The first is "We'll maybe look at private financing" The second is "We'll maybe look at other locations if it gets way over budget". Strong words. Watch out MLB!!

Fenty brings up the point that MLB is not going to be so kind to renegotiate the deal to pay for community stuff.

Orange, who appears to be a complete tool for the mayor, is saying the real debate should be what we're going to do with all the money we're going to bring in.

God this is dull. When will a crowd throw a beer on someone so there can be a fight. I'll be back at the end for a recap.

Man, you are so right. The tedium of it brought about delusions, like, when I noticed that Cropp was writing notes with her left hand and I starting wondering if she could pitch ...
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