Monday, November 29, 2004


Sick! and not just of poor fiscal responsibility

More news noone wants to hear (not even me): Cropp is looking to put a cap on the spending for the stadium.

Does it make sense? Eh, not really. You are either fiscally responsible or you're not. This plan is essentially saying, "You want to spend 600 million? That's great. Here's the checkbook. You want to spend 625 million?! That's just crazy?! You think we're some sort of idiots just throwing money away?! Get out of here! Out! Out! (picks up stuffed cat) Oh, Mr. Fluffy, they just don't understand. Noone understands me but you." It's the worst of both worlds. Agreeing to a plan that could cost the city $600+ million does not endear oneself to the sensible among us, and it could only serve to delay the vote further causing undue stress and aggravation to Washington baseball fans, blogs, and Spendy McBendOverforBaseball, otherwise known as Mayor Williams. Ok, it's not 100% bad.

A post-Thanksgiving sickness has delayed all that which is promised but I'm on an upswing so I hope to complete most of it by the end of the week.

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