Saturday, November 13, 2004


Rowdy Rowdy, Bowdeny Bowdeny

Just a note, for you guys on what I'm thinking of when I make my positional analysis. I believe that the Expos are focusing on three things, pitching, shortstop, and power. I also am going on the belief the Expos are looking to raise there payroll to about 55 million, which means another 20 million. Given a significant bump to Wilkerson's salary, this means the signing of at most 2 more high caliber players. I think one of those will be a pitcher so only one positional free agent signing of any Wow factor can be made.

As for the GM Jim Bowden, which I never covered...well I don't think that much of him. I felt he was a little overrated when the Boy Wonder was first hired with the Reds in the mid-90's. He lucked out on Pete Schourek having a carreer year and the hitting (alot of which was in place before he came) coming together. Then again I feel that he was a little underrated later in his career. The Griffey, Jr. signing belw up in his face and sucked up the Reds money, keeping him from getting any quality pitching.

In all I found he can manage a minor league allright, and can ID good bargains at #4 and #5 in the rotation. Doesn't really get your blood flowing. His moves so far - releasing Rocky Biddle and bringing up some minor leaguers. Are both good, but obvious, calls. Let's see what he can do this offseason, besides the obvious two years of Barry Larkin at short.

First base position analysis should be up today.

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