Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Rock(y Biddle) the Vote!

Today is the DC Council's vote on the stadium financing plan. The Mayor thinks he has the votes to pass his version. I'm sure helped a bit by promising funds for two of the crucial undecided members' pet projects. (that's not being sarcastic - it's in the article The mayor focused largely on securing the votes of Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) and Sandy Allen (D-Ward 8). Staffers for the two said they were leaning toward supporting the mayor because Williams would fund libraries for Graham and a recreation center for Allen. See? I wouldn't lie to you, baby.)

But can they ignore the will of the people? (stupid question - of course they can) . 69% don't want city funds for the stadium, more than half strongly opposed. Around 60% think it's a bad deal for the District. Although around 60% also think it will help the city economically (though they were given no choices on how much) This citizen got it right: (Mayor) Williams "just let everybody know that we had to have baseball," said Ceasar Short, 57, a bus driver who lives in Northeast. "It was a bad deal. He wanted baseball too much. They knew this guy, he was a pushover when it came to baseball."

And then there is this ridiculous statement from the Mayor's spokesman: "Bender said. "Is it possible that businesses may pass some of this tax on to residents? That's a decision businesses will have to make. But what is the size of that pass-through going to be? Pennies." Yes, the Mayor's office is actually saying that the businesses and corporations will choose to accept the burden of higher taxes. Nothing a business likes to do more than lose profit, I tell you what. Worse yet, the Mayor's office looks like it's going to spin the completely expected pass through of burden to the people as "big bad business screwing the little guy" rather than the Mayor's bad deal. If you raise taxes on a business they pass on most of the new cost, if not all, to the consumer; this is basic economic theory and the Mayor's office knows this.

Coucilman David Catania, an opponent, got his chance to chat at the post and fills you in on some of the details with much more skill that I ever could. I must admit that based on the questions he faced - it seems like the people sending in questions are the ones that already agree with the chatter.

Well, the vote is today. I'll keep you posted.

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