Wednesday, November 17, 2004


It's unanimous - everyone hates Bowden

I can't find a single article / blog that thinks these signings are a good idea. And I can't say I disagree with them. I'll have my own more detailed comments in a week or so but for now, enjoy MetaBlog Analysis!

MetaBlog Consensus
Neither of these are horrible deals in a fiscal sense, though they are both probably overmarket value. At best one of these two players will pan out to be an acceptable player, at worst this could create two holes in the lineup. If Castilla pans out the Expos will get some pop in the lineup for minimal expense on a short contract. If Guzman pans out the Expos will get an exceptional-fielding league average shortstop in his best years. Bowden is not off to a good start and his other goals (right fielder? holding onto Endy Chavez?) are also cause for concern for fans of this franchise.

I would add:
Neither Castilla or Guzman add any sizzle to the steak they want to sell in Washington. Unless he goes out and pulls a fast one, grabbing Pedro, or using one of these guys in a trade, I'm not sure these deals helped the team in anyway other than fielding percentage.

I don't hate Bowden. His irrational signing of Guzman yesterday kept the White Sox from making the same mistake. All praise Jim Bowden!
Ha! Yes well, enjoy your upcoming 4 years of Rich Aurilia.
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