Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Guzman and Castilla? I don't think I could be more disappointed

"Guzman and Castilla will be above-average defensively on the left side of the infield and that's important. These two guys have been to the postseason and that's important, especially for this franchise that has a lot of players that haven't been to the postseason."

"Cristian is only 26 years old. He has been on a division winner the last three years. He has tremendous range. It doesn't show up in statistics, but baseball people know what it means to win baseball games."

"This is a guy that has driven in runs. He helped Atlanta win. He has been on a winning team before. He is a good defensive player. You need veteran players that could lead other players. Vinny Castilla has done that before in his career. He will help us, which is a very important aspect of this signing. He can help develop young players."

Who said these thing? A deranged lunatic? Well, come on toots, his name ain't the Prince; besides could a lunatic run a team like this?

Obviously so.

Jim Bowden is doing what here? I'll go over this more when I get to their position analysis next week but here's a quick response

Castilla last had a better than average year in a non-Coors non-Enron field in....well never in fact. He's 37 years old. His away OBP was .281. That second year on that contract is going to be a hell of a drag...

Guzman is young and but has in the last three years - hit for neither average or power. That's not a good combination. He's also a noticably lesser hitter away from turf where he can use his speed slapping hits and stretching doubles into triples.

Maybe I can find something nice to say next week, but right now Bowden has created a team that will never have anyone on base, and could very well be less potent then last years anemic offense. Ugh.


I'll try to be positive.

Good things about Vinny Castilla :

He could very well be slightly better than Tony Batista next year.

We didn't sign him for three years.

He wears cool shades

Christian Guzman:

He's entering his best years

He hits better on turf and we do play three games at Toronto next year.

He's got that cool little goatee

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