Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Could Gary Bennett be Bowden's best move?

No. Sorry. I guess I could have said that in the title.

This weak-hitting, non-name, catcher is going to be Schneider's back-up next year (assuming he gets signed). If you must know: .224/3/20 .297 OBP .329 SLG

He does hit lefties better than righties (but not all that much better as you can imagine) which would be when he gets his hacks. My problem is that the 750K contract is a raise from last year(600K). Look at those stats. Does that deserve a raise? MLB does note that "In 2003, Bennett established career highs with 96 games and 42 RBIs for the Padres." They fail to mention that it's because Ramon Hernandez floated on and off the injured list like a beautiful butterfly. I feel like the Nationals are a sitcom where the owner walks into the stadium to find that Bowden has signed a golden retriever after watching Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch. The owner shakes his head and says "That's our Bowden."

To be fair, he is supposed to be a good defensive catcher. Whatever.

In my catcher analysis, I recommended Doug Mirabelli, Todd Pratt, or John Flaherty. Mirabelli signed (for about 1.5 mill a year), but the other two were still available and could have been had for under a million and would have provided more bang for the buck than Bennett.

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