Thursday, October 07, 2004


Vacation - Thought

I'll be away, loyal reader(s) so one final thought on the playoffs.

To win the playoffs it is FAR more important to be lucky than good. Having a couple of your guys being hot at the right time. Catching a starters bad night. They are all good teams so just a break or two here and there often decides games.

For all those bashing the Braves for not winning enough WS. I'd say the first one is worth an infinite number of NL East titles. You've got to win one. But 2, 3, 4? I'd say winning 13 NL East titles, is more impressive than 2 or maybe even 3 WS. So after the first WS, I'd say each is worth about 5 or so division titles.

To win it all you need to be lucky and good. Good to make it to the playoffs, lucky to win an arbitrary number of games in an elimination series.

Oh - and a couple of strong starters helps.

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