Friday, October 15, 2004


Rain Pryor go away

That is one scary looking female. When looking for Head of the Class females to feature in a show the search should begin and end with Simone (Khrystyne Haje)

Another article about how the transition to DC is not a done deal yet:

They still haven't gotten a deal done with Angelos yet. The actions of the Washington Council are reprehensible. Think about this, they are trying to force a vote in before the new members, elected on a "no new stadium" platform, get on the council. They are trying to side-step the will of the people! It's crazy.

I don't know why this isn't getting more play in the media. Oh wait. Yes I do. Noone wants to consider the possibility the Expos might, AH Stay in Montreal!! Scary. (actually I think they'll still move and just play in RFK either until someone agrees to build a stadium with their own money or they move to somewhere where the taxpayers can be duped)

Anyway, the Playoff series are both two games in and my calls are dead on this time. I'm the greatest - you're the worst. The Yankees/Red Sox should be rained out tonight. It's a shame, now they'll have to be the Monday Night appetizer. (Who here thinks a Yankees/Red Sox playoff game wouldn't draw higher ratings than Rams/Buccaneers? The Rams are ok, but who likes watching Tampa Bay? I'd say Warren Sapp, but he's too busy dragging Oakland into the ground) Despite the Red Sox ineptitude at the plate, I still won't believe that this won't go 6 or 7 games until the Yankees are up 3 games to 0. I'll stand by that - 6 or 7 game Yankee victory.

On the flip side - Astros/Cardinals should be over in 5 at the most. The Cardinals will blow out either Clemens or Oswalt and may still win that other game 3-0 or 4-2 or something. That team is loaded.

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