Monday, October 18, 2004


Playoffs continued

Games like Sunday's Yanks-Sox is why I can't believe it will be a short series. I just can't see the Yankees finishing it out in Boston. The Red Sox bats are just as potent as the Yankees and their pitching...well now there pitching is spent, but still. I said Yanks in 6 or 7, and here at exposbaseball DOT blogspot DOT com, we stick by our predictions.

Except that Cardinals/Astros one. We here can also admit when we are wrong and we were here. I thought either Oswalt or Clemens would get rocked and neither of them did. Of course I didn't see Beltran turning into the best postseason player EVA, either. I still think the Cardinals take it - probably winning the next two.

Also - if there is anything I've learned in this playoffs: Don't give up a leadoff walk. With offenses such as the ones we're seeing here that's like giving the batting team a run.

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