Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Playoff Picks

I know you were all waiting for this (all three or four of you that read this)

Braves over Astros - There' a reason the Braves always win. They're always good. The Astros did make the playoffs with an incredible run but that's it. Teams that make great comebacks helped by teams collapsing never win it all. Did the Mariners win in '95? The Impossible Dream Red Sox? The Miracle Mets? Skip that last one.

Cardinals over Dodgers - Man that Dodger team is weak. Weaver, Perez, and Lima in the playoffs? I love Lima Time but no way. The Cardinal lineup is just too strong and their pitching has been so consistent I can't believe it will suddenly blow-up now.

Yankees over Twins - The Twins could win, but never bet against the Yankees in the playoffs. You'll make more money than you'll lose. The Twins are a next-year team. As they cast off the last of their unecessaries (Guzman, Koskie) and become a hitting machine with a killer #1 starter.

Angels over Red Sox - Everybody thinks the Sox will win. Therefore they won't. There is something about this Angels team - a supposed best team in the league who won against division rivals when it counted. The Red Sox didn't. A loss for Schilling in game 1 and the wheels come off.

Division Series
Cardinals over Braves - Did I mention that lineup was strong? Looking at today's score, I'll up that to "Killer".

Yankees over Angels - Don't bet against the Yankees. The Yanks always seem to beat a team given a second chance - this is revenge for 2 years ago.

World Series
Yankees over Cardinals - for the wagering public. Cardinals will face in the AL team (unless it's the Twins) a team with almost as good a lineup as their own. They'll be completely discombobulated. I think this would be a great series though.

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