Wednesday, October 27, 2004


National Embarassment

Is it too late that we ask to switch leagues rather than cities?

The Cardinals are completely not-representing in the World Series, going down meekly and it's frankly embarrasing. It's not bad enough that we've gotten beat up by the AL in the All-Star games recently (haven't won one since 1996. And only 3 times since 1987, when our string of formerly unprecedented dominance ended). Now we're completely blowing another World Series. You can blame the Yankees late 90s dynasty if you like, but since 1990 the Senior Circuit has won 4 out of 11 World Series. Only one of these triumphs were by a truly great team (the mid 90's Braves). The other three have been by a Marlins team who are better remembered for their dismantling then their championship; an average Diamondback team carried by two Hall of Fame pitchers, and another Marlins team who's status is yet to be determined.

Think about that. Only one World Series in the last 12 years was one by an NL team around before 1993. You can't see it but I'm shaking my head right now. Somber-lily.

In the latest debacle, aka Game 3 of the 2004 World Series, Pedro for the first three innings was ready to be beaten. His control was off. His pitches were flat and getting hit pretty hard. But the Cardinals (led incidently by the man at the lead of the AL the last time the NL was competitive in the World Series) ran themselves out of at least 1 run, probably more like 3 or 4. I'd love to say the fans in St. Louis will get to see a much deserved World Series game victory, but most of me believes St. Louis will start trying to run to third on their base hits now, like a prissy girl in a sitcom softball episode. Seriously, they are running the basepaths like a minor league mascot. I half-expected to see Jeff Suppan chasing down an 8 year old boy on the replay, but just getting edged out at the plate.

The pitching has been poor, true. But really only Williams got shelled and the Cards could have taken that game. Tonight it's all on the line with Marquis.

Oh and enough with the 3-4-5 hitters (pujols, rolen, edmonds) being 5-33. You're completely screwing with the data. It's Pujols 4-11, Rolen 0-11, Edmonds 1-11. I know it hasn't been like Pujols is smashing the ball but don't lump him in with the greatest fielding crybaby of all time, and Mr. Try and Dive (sorry I'm a bit mad at their WS performance. Actually they are great players). Better to say Edmonds, Rolen, and Sanders are 1-31. That tells the story without the trying to blame an "innocent" Pujols.

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