Friday, October 01, 2004


Lies, damned lies, and ESPN

Well, not just ESPN, but every news outlet. Generally despite the serious concerns about moving the franchise (see below) there are only two types of reports about the move to Washington

Report A: "YEAH! Baseball is back in Washington!"
Report B: "It's a shame they screwed the Expos...but on the bright side YEAH! Baseball is back in Washington!"

I would say that it's going to happen, because I believe in the power of money and the allure of professional sports. But it seems at least slightly precarious and announcing that DC has won and has gotten baseball, at this juncture, is almost a flat out lie.

I am so sorry for Montreal....having a baseball team is great fun. Must be sad to lose the Expos, if, indeed, you have. We are avid Angels within a few miles of the ballpark. We would be heartbroken if the angesl were no longer here. Good luck! Debi (
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