Thursday, October 21, 2004


1 down - 1 to go

Well the Red Sox pulled it off. The Cardinals need to win tonight to keep exposbaseball DOT blogspot DOT com's fantastic prediction percentage of 50%. Jeff Suppan v Roger Clemens? Looks like we're going all in with a pair of 2's.

While El Gran Color Naranja admits to no allegience but Les Expos, he does have a lot of friends. One of which is a Yankee fan, who had an interesting view on last nights game - so I told him to write something up for it and I'd publish it on a blog noone reads. He could hardly resist that dangling carrot; so lady and gentleman "Pags in Rags"

I said 'Bedraggled Pags'. 'Pags in Rags' sounds like a sexual relationship between Dave Righetti and Mike Pagliarulo

I stand by what I said. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife!

Whatever. Ok, the game. I feel bad. I feel awful. I haven't felt like this since...well since we lost the World Series last year. Yes it is worse because we lost after leading 3-0. And yes it is worse because it's our rival. I know I won't be watching SportsCenter or going to internet sites (I've already set up straight to NFL links for ESPN and SI) or much TV at all because I don't want to hear about it. But I feel different too. There’s not an emptiness to the loss. Disappointment? Sure. Depression. Uh Huh. Random Red Sox fan beating. Done and done. But it’s not all-encompassing pain. A month from now I won’t be focused on this loss. And this is where being a Yankee fan must be different than being a fan of almost any other team. I wake up today and I’m still the fan of the most successful team in the history of sports. Since the first baseball season I can remember, I’ve still seen my team win more World Series than any other team has been to. (Ed note – Actually I know his age and the Braves are 1-3 during his fantime. Same as the Yankees number of wins) I know this won’t be our last chance at one, or that we’ll have to wait even 5 years to have as good a shot to get there. I know our owner will put back more money into the team to win rather than pocket it. I know we’ll be back probably next year. And we’ll probably win it.

Any comments, Rusty?

Well, you’re very humble. I’d qualify the “successful team” to be “in professional sports that I care to think about” but other than this, I don’t think he’s blowing smoke. I’ve been privy to many a college rivalry where one team is the dominant one and has all the accolades and while you never want to lose to your rival – it just doesn’t have the same bite for you. Like say Oklahoma losing to Oklahoma State in football after leading by 28 in the 4th, or Kansas losing to Missouri after leading by 10 with a minute left in basketball. Even if it changed the course of the season, the loss isn’t nearly as painful as if it was the other way around.

I’ve got a comment or two on the series but I’ll wait till after the great NLCS is over before I comment.

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