Friday, September 24, 2004


What if Wilkerson threw a party and nobody came?

What a disappointing couple of games. Chances of crawling out of last place are severely diminished now. At least they can add to the fire Larry Bowa fire and maybe help the Phillies drop below .500.

Glavine (who will reach 300 by the way) shut down all the Expos except for Wilkerson who hit two bombs to tie Batista for the team lead. Wilkerson though if probably the second most important position player on the team behind Vidro. You want a prime example of why the normal stats of batting average, HR, and RBI are overrated?

Wilkerson .256 31HR 62RBI
Batista .245 31HR 107RBI

Batista is probably the favorite here. But looking beyond that

Wilkerson .500Slugging .370 OBP
Batista .462Slugging .275 OBP

Wilkerson hits with as much power and gets on base far more often. The lack of RBI is completely because he bats first. And he's a genuine good guy

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