Tuesday, September 07, 2004


A tough road ahead

The Expos has been beaten up by some good teams recently - generally losing 2 games for every one they win in this stretch versus playoff teams. They lost 2 of 3 to Atlanta, with Downs performing below par (but not horrible) and Patterson performing horrible. Then Armas got knocked around by the Cubbies yestreday. In the three losses they got outscored 25-2. Not good.

The pain doesn't end there. With something like 10 games in 10 days still left in this gauntlet. For a team already complaining about being tired and injured that is not a faovrable schedule.

Any good news from this week? Livan did pitch strong against the Braves. His first good outing against them for the year. Batista is slumping so perhaps, just maybe, we'll get a look at Harris in this last month.

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