Tuesday, September 14, 2004


That was disappointing in many ways

Sun-Woo Kim (who now officially must be the Greater Kim, since Byung is not even being brought back up to the majors by the Sawx) pitches a gem. Then it gets ugly. 4 errors in a half inning? I think it's safe to say that's not good team play. I'd like to blame pitchers but I can't when they have that behind them to deal with.

Macier playing unnaturally at 2nd base, so Alex Gonzalez can what? I mean really, there no pressing reason to play this guy. Batista, I at least understand as he's becoming a Rob Deer like character, always threatening long ball, usually walking back to the dugout. For a team lacking in power as the 'Spos you can sort of justify that bat. But A-Gonz?

And Chavez/Sledge playing all the time over the call-ups? Do we need to see how many ways Chavez can hit a single? How do you expect Church or Val to get on track playing 1 out of every 4 games? How can you expect B-Har to do well if he's limited to a pinch hitter every other game?

This is very frustrating to me. You make call-ups and only Izzy is playing with any regularity. I thought September in Montreal would be all about the youth. Seeing what they got in order to try to be respectable next year. Instead it's been a retread of the same lousy offense they had all year. What is that going to do for the organization? Sorry.

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