Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Step Right Up and Beat the Mets

The Expos need a win from "Jeckyll and Hyde" Patterson tonight. Why?

1) A win tonight could put the Expos in a tie with the Mets for 4th place in the NL East.
2) The Blue Jays are just a game behind and could retake the Kings of Canada crown.
3) They are 32-31 since the break. They need a win to help solidify their post All-Star game +.500 record.

This is the most important game EVER.

There are a bunch of teams with 63-64 wins. The Expos most probably will finish somewhere between 22nd and 27th in the league. Let's make it 22.

The Rock (Tim Raines not Duane Johnson) is back as a coach. If the Andre "Hawk" Dawson could come back not only would the Expos have the corner on 80's Montreal nostalgia, but they could have a monopoly on four-letter baseball nicknames ending in "K"

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