Monday, September 27, 2004


Stealing Signs in the Minor Leagues

The Expos aren't only going through Major League changes, but minor league changes as well, changes that could clue us in that the DC move is pretty close to done.

The Expos "High-A" affiliate is now the Potomac Cannons in the Carolina League. How does one get to Potomac? Take a boat, because it's a river. But it's a river located in...wait for it...Northern Virginia! So just another sign that the Expos in DC is going to happen, whether anyone actually wants them there or not.

History note: The Army of the Potomac was the Union's Army in this area in the Civil War. The Confederacy's army was The Army of Northern Virginia. The Union tended to name things after waterways, the Confederacy after towns. So you have multiple battle names. Bull Run = Manassas. Sharpsburg=Antietam. You learn something new everyday at exposbaseball DOT blogspot DOT com

This move left the Expos former "High-A" team (Brevard County) without a team. Begin the music as the major league mascots walks around a circle of chairs.

Expos move from Brevard County (FL) to Potomac
Reds move from Potomac to Sarasota
Red Sox move from Sarasota to Wilmington (DE)
Royals move from Wilmington (DE) to High Desert (Adelanto CA)
Brewers move from High Desert (Adelanto CA) to Brevard County (FL)

You can't tell your minor league affiliations without a scorecard.

Much more simple was the Expos Triple A change. Nolan Ryan's group bought the Edmonton Trappers and moved them to Round Rock, Texas (outside of Austin). The Astros, killing grandmothers carrying kittens who get in the way of making up to Nolan Ryan after letting him go to the Rangers, changed affiliation to this team. The Expos took over Houston's affiliation (New Orleans Zephyrs)

Go Zephyrs! Go Cannons!

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