Tuesday, September 14, 2004


RTB - Expos Marlins

from now on I'll just update this post

bottom first. A-Gonz almost gets the "Spos in big trouble. with Pierre at second, a groubder is hit to Batista. He catches Pierre off second but as Macier runs him to third, A-gonz stands around instead of backing up second. Yeah, you want this guy playing. Luckily Pierre kept running like a fool and got doubled up on a line drive.

Bottom Third - real ugly real fast. Downs was being hit hard and had no room for error. Unfortunately Alex Gonzalez happened. First the Marlins A-Gonz hit a HR to tie it up then The Expos A-Gonz booted the pitchers ground ball. A passed ball and hits all over the place and suddenly it's 6-1. I blame A-Gonz.

Bottom Sixth - Chipping Away. In the 4th Rivera doubled and scored on a double by somebody that I've been bashing all day. In the 6th Sledge walked, then after Rivera got out was replaced by Church (I don't know why F-Rob waited till after Rivera got out). Church scored on a Schneider double. Jack McKeon tried to argue fan interference, in part I think to give a show to the fans. That's just the kind of guy he is. Guy I'm bashing struck out to strand Schneider. 6-3.

Interesting fact 988 and 44. What are these numbers? The first is the number of at bats for Batista and Chavez combined the second is the number of walks.

Top Seventh - BAT-ista! Oh I don't love the guy, but as I said before there is a reason he's in the lineup. He'll swing hard at everything and some of those hits will go over the fence in key moments. This time it was a 3-run shot with 2 out to tie the game up 6-6! You just kind of had a feeling this would happen. Church....just gets under one following him.

Cubs fans at the game are cheering as loud as they can for the Expos. With so few people in the stands you can really hear them.

Bottom Seventh - Easy Come... Ayala who had been averaging just over 1 walk per 9 innings, gives up two in the same one, sandwiched around a couple hits and followed by a sac fly and there you go. 8-6, bad guys. You can't give up free passes. You just can't. If they hit you, they hit you but walks are the worst.

Top Ninth....here we go. Last chance

...I figured if someone could get on Wilkerson might be able to drive one out. Izzy and Einar Diaz, the man with the name that just screams "old catcher" couldn't do it. Though now we've got a Wilky walk and an Endy hit. Batista up - two on, two out again....

Batista walks, now Church is up and thankfully Robinson has gotten him a lot of at bats so he's ready for this....oh wait.

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