Wednesday, September 29, 2004


One day, Billings. One day.

It looks like the move to DC is done. Disappointing? Sure. What strikes me as the most wrong is that they decided to move the Expos before selling the team. If they had sold it and the new owner said "Hmmm, I don't like French, and I don't like hockey. Let's move to D.C." it would have at least been his decision. But now whoever buys it is forced to be in DC for a while. Remember that baseball failed in D.C. twice where as it was more or less put to sleep in Montreal, like a healthy dog that noone wants.

What a mess this was. With the Lurie sale and all that took place - I think it really could have been one of those take to Congress complaints, except that it's Canada and they can't complain. Hey, does baseball have an anti-trust exemption in Canada too? Anyone know this? I'm sure if they complained they'd just pull Toronto away as well, but then maybe it could lead to a sports league war and eventually a hockey league with Edmonton, Quebec City, and Winnipeg back in it. Sweet.

Minaya is leaving too. Eh. The Expos were such a strange situation that it was hard to tell if he was good or not. I wouldn't want to go to the Mets but you can't blame Omar for wanting job security with a new owner coming in on this team. I wish him well.

In baseball news, the Expos offense has been put inside a magic box, spun around, then opened to reveal no offense. They managed 3 hits last night wasting another acceptable outing from Ohka, et al. And by "they" I mean Juan Rivera. The Greater Kim is on the mound tonight and has been pitching well lately. Let's not get swept, ok?

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