Tuesday, September 28, 2004



With a DC move now appearing imminent the team is sliding into home. Too bad the catcher is there waiting with the ball.

Patterson pitched well enough and the bullpen, which has been pretty average the past month, performed fine, but for the third straight game not enough offense. Here are some slumping Expos (at least last 3 games)

Wilkerson 0-8
Batista 3-22
Rivera 4-23
Church 0-9
Schneider 3-15
Chavez 3-23

For Batista, Rivera, Schneider, and Chavez - pretty much starters - that's about 5-6 games worth of 13-83 or .157 batting. Toss in the below .200 pitcher's spot in the order and that's an anemic half of a line-up.

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