Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Livan on the Edge...god I suck

That's right. Lame pun in the title of my post. It's like I'm an actual real-life internet type person!

Livan was gold last night. Probably to make up for the last time when he was rocked against a non Brave team. This evens it out to coexist with my GREAT - GOOD - BRAVES theory.

Wilkerson hits another out and Boras just knocked his asking price up another cool mill.

Macier hit his first HR off prior really turning on, what looked like to me, an inside fastball. Congrats.

Tonight Armas goes out for his usual 2.1 innings of work. Why will we go out early tonight?

- Pregame fight with fan who calls him Jr.

- Fever contracted from rare mee-mee fly found only in puerto rican jungles.

- Youppi runs him over with a 4 wheeler for outing him.

- Late coming back in game after napping with F-Rob between innings

- Decision made on where team will be next year. Dies of shock on mound hearing news.

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