Thursday, September 23, 2004


Hyde Offense

Ah! The Expos just lost the most important game in the history of sport! Mets pull 2 games ahead! Toronto ties the Expos for the Kings of Canada! It's completely unsettling.

Jeckyll Patterson showed up last night. 1 BB 7 K in 6 innings. A bit to many hits (7) but that seems to hardly matter when he manages to keep the free passes down. Unfortunately the Expos had a 1st half offensive flashback - 6 hits and 2 runs. (1 of course being a Batista HR - I haven't watched an Expos game in a while but I imagine Batista just swinging as hard as he can at every pitch, knocking some out of the park, missing and spinning around wildly like a cartoon on the others).

Since I'm taking a break from the infield/outfield discussions, let me tell you - it must be nice to be Brian Schneider. He's a completely average player. Nothing special, but not awful either. You'd probably like to replace him with a bit more offense but as far as I can tell he is getting no real pressure for his job. He gets all the time in the world to develop. And I guess since catchers are so scarce a .260 15 HR catcher can pretty much hold on to his job. Kids, if you want to play ball either learn to catch or learn to pitch left-handed. It's like being the red-headed wacky friend on a sitcom. It's always in demand

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