Monday, September 27, 2004


A few walks, wasted

Tough weekend for the 'Spos as the pitchers showed up but the batters went to DC early to scout out some new homes and learn about the area (Where are the good schools? Are they all in Denver? Where does Tony Kornheiser live?) Well that's not exactly true - on Friday they smacked the ball around pretty well - so they must have taken early Sat morning flights.

Kim, Downs and Livan, all pitched at least into the 8th inning, all gave up 2 runs or less, and the Expos end up with only one victory (the alluded to 8-1 pasting of the Phils). In the Saturday/Sunday combo only one hitter had a multiple hit game (Sledge) and only one other hitter had a multiple hit "combo" (Izturis).

This is a shame, considering how the biggest problem the Expos have had in the second half has been starting pitching.

No real info to speak of which will happen if you aren't in, and never have been in, a pennant race this year. Robinson hopes to be back next year. I can see it going either way. The guy is not a noticably bad coach and may actually be a good coach (though I think he may suffer from a little of the "veterans-only" Dusty Baker mentality). He has a name with baseball fans (though not nearly as strong as it should be given how great a player he was and all he's done for baseball since then. More than his Mays, Aaron, Mantle contemporaries). But new ownership tends to want their own guys in there. While I won't cry if he's not the coach of the Expos next year, I do hope he gets a chance to coach somewhere next year.

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