Monday, September 13, 2004


Cleaning out the Spos

An Atlanta sweep. Considering how horrible Montreal has played Atlanta this year, this shouldn't be all that surprising. We almost won two of the games (well really one - I never felt in the first game) but you know, horseshoes and handgrenades.

Game 1 -
Jeckyll Patterson shows up and pitches a good enough game, but the offense is offensive. No timely hits and the team falls 4-3

Game 2 -
Livan shakes off the strange great performance last time against the Braves and goes out and proves once again the old adage : Livan has three types of starts, great against bad teams, acceptable against good teams, and horrible against the Braves. I think I read he's 0-10 in his last 13 starts against this team. That's owning somebody. Oh yeah offense is still offensive.

Game 3 - Expos show heart - coming back from well down to tie it, 3 runs in the ninth off of Smoltz, but not good enough. Bullpen not firing this game as almost every reliever gave up a run.

F-Rob didn't start Harris, Church (admittedly struggling) or Izzy for the last two games. The future Frank. Stop living in the now.

Day and Biddle - out for the year. not crying about it.

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