Thursday, August 26, 2004


Shut 'em down, shut 'em shut 'em down bum bum

Expos go for the sweep tonight against my boy "Schoolboy" Weaver. Tough to root against him. Livan should give a good game tonight...say 4 runs?

Other topics: Vidro is taking the last month of the season off (for surgery) and Armas should too. He left Wednesday's game early and has in I think three of the last 4 games. Frank seems to agree with me and has this to say.

F-ROB: "It's not fair to continue to ask the bullpen to do what they have been doing," Robinson said. "I've asked them to do an awful lot this year. I have a lot of confidence in them. They keep telling me they can go. But after tonight, I told (the front office) I can't continue to ask them to carry that type of load. It's not fair to them. We'll have somebody here. It doesn't matter. (We need) arms, bodies, anybody, volunteers, whatever. We are not going to be selective. Just get me some bodies here. That's all."

Shame is that there are no prospects close to major league ready for the 'spos pitching wise. It may be a long September, yet there's reason to believe, if ugly Counting Crows lead singer can bang both Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston, the Expos can persevere.

Prospects that are closer to major leagues may get a shot. Brandon Harris should be up for Vidro and it'd be a shame if Macier Izturis doesn't get some time at short. Izturis especially is "new school" and knows the value of a walk. As does Ryan Church, who is currently stuck behind the "hot" trio of Chavez, Rivera, and Sledge. None of which show any prospect of becoming more than a fast singles hitter who swings away, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm going to look at some stats and tell you, loyal Expos blog reader, what the Expos should do in September to look toward 2005 and a better season in Montreal (what? You think they're actually going anywhere?)

This post makes it clearer as to why you've made this site...

Whenever the Expos leave Montreal (I'd like to think it'll be this winter) for Washington, you're on the groundfloor to pull for the new 'local' team.

Everything makes sense now.

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