Friday, August 06, 2004


Lose 2 to the Cardinals

So the great second half Expos surge of 2004 may be over. It appears they won't play 0.750 ball the rest of the way and sneak into the wild card. But let's not dwell on the negative. Instead, use these games as a learning experience. We've learned the Expos still need big bats. Don't fool yourself. This team is capable of have a 5 games stretch with 4 runs at any moment.

Expos 4 - Cardnials 5
Hernandez did keep the team in the game, only to watch it slip away on a Cordero slider. A rookie versus the best non-steroid using, non-poor left feilding, non-jerk in the clubhouse, player who could easily have thrown Sid Bream out at home plate? Can't really blame Cordero.

4 extra base hits (all doubles) out of 11 hits. Can't really blame the offense either. A blameless loss versus a very good team

Expos 1 - Cardinals 2

Patterson pitched well. When he pitches bad you'll have walks and HRs. This game he only had walks. The HR he did give up was a solo shot to Edmonds. Again he couldn't make it to the sixth, throwing way too many pithces in the early innings but he realizes his mistake. From :

"I'm having one long inning that's killing me," Patterson said. "Tonight it was the fourth inning (in which he walked three batters). I just threw so many pitches. It's just killing my games. I need to get consistent for five innings and go from there."

Good to see he realizes it. I tells ya I have a good feeling about this kid, I tells ya.

There goes Ayalas scoring streak. 26 2/3. Couldn't last forever, but it's a shame it had to end in a tie game.

Team only managed 5 hits. Two by Vidro.

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