Friday, August 20, 2004


Left our mo' in San Francisco

Who didn't sweep the season series? That's right. In your face, San Fran!

4 games by the Bay and the best news the Expos can pull from them is that they managed to win a game. In the last three games the hitting has been up to snuff (Vidro and Wilkerson are hot) but the pitching has been off an on.

In Tuesday's game (Loss 4-5) Sunny Kim pitched a decent game. If he didn't "Chan Ho" those pitches to Bonds, we might have won it.

(A little side here : I have to respect the Expos for throwing to Bonds during the series. He's a great hitter - but he's not "necessary avoidance" great. That's ridiculous. I think it gives him an advantage because he can tell when a pitcher is pitching to him and is going to give him something to hit. My honest opinion - look for Bonds to slow down next year. I haven't seen him hit as many opposite field shots as in the past few years)

on with Tuesday - Ayala is the one who blew it in the ninth. Actually more because of shoddy fielding than anything else.

The first game of the double header featured a nice game by Rocky Biddle (yes Biddle and Kim had good games - it's like watching the Superfriends and Marvin and Wendy saving the day. Or for you younger folks, Power Rangers and those two dopes with leather jackets. Or for you even younger folks, waah waah you're a baby) and the bullpen.

The second game....well I don't understand why they didn't just shuttle someone down from Edmonton (Alvarez?) for a spot start. Knowing MLB it's probably a money thing. With the day off Thursday you could afford to throw anyone but still, not my choice. Tucker, tried his best but it wasn't nearly good enough. Then Robinson tossed in the Expos own private Roberto Hernandez, Claudio Vargas who proceeded to WALK IN THREE RUNS. Ouch

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