Friday, August 06, 2004


Friday Notes

Tonight Biddle pitches in Enron Field. How can I put this kindly? I can't. Good luck, Flying squirrel.

MLB finally picks up on what I've been talking about for weeks: "Since July 5, relievers Luis Ayala, Chad Cordero and Joe Horgan are a combined 6-1 with seven saves and a 0.23 ERA." But what abotu TJ Tucker? Since July 5 He's 1-0 with and 1.37 ERA. I guess that was something the fat cats in Washington didn't want you to know.

Johnson is on an 0 for 14 slump, but says he's playing on an injured knee.

Speaking of injuries, Armas Jr. is out for his next start and may go on the DL. Time to test out those AAA pitchers. Rauch may start. Sweet. Since I've been calling for it, I'm sure he'll get shelled.

In the Minors both Beltran and Majewski are performing well, same with Harris. New pick up Robertson not so much. Church - who had been doing real well went on the 7-game DL.

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