Thursday, August 12, 2004


Expos going for the sweep

Not too much to talk about. Livan continued his "Dominatior, Acceptable, Braves" pattern, by dominating the weak-hitting Diamondbacks. Patterson also pitched well keeping his walks to a minimum and finally, finally pitching more than 5 innings. The noone in particular is still that hot (though Endy continues to maintain a near .300 average), but the team as a whole is getting timely hits. Bullpen, as usual, has done well.

Tonight they go for the sweep, Biddle (shudder) pitches for the first time since he got bopped with a comebacker in Houston. I expect a win, but only because Arizona looks completely deflated out there.

In minor league news, Church is back and promptly went 2-4 with a HR. Majewski is getting busted up, but since Rauch pitched well, I don't care anymore.

Selig says the whole "where they are going to end up" issue will be resolved in September. Ha! Don't hold your breath Billings.

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