Monday, August 09, 2004


Expos 2 Other Teams 1 - Rauch makes me look good

Just a quick weekend update. We took 2 of three from the Astros. In game 1, Biddle was pitching his usual subpar game when he was injured by a line drive back up the box. Biddle is day to day, I wouldn't care if it was month to month. Out he goes, but the damage was done. We couldn't do anything versus Oswalt. Let's just move on.

In game 2, we got exactly what we needed and I kind of expected from Rauch, a solid unspectacular start. It was once thought he could be a #1/#2 rotation guy. I don't believe that (it's not like he says - he did get chances with the White Sox) but he could be a solid #3 on back. Johnson got off his snide which I think was up to 0 for 17.

In game 3, we spot start Kim and he tightropes through 4, giving up just one run. A couple of Houston errors and timely pinch hits and the rocket goes down. Bullpen, much like Greta Van Sustren, is still getting it done.

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