Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Expos 10 Cardinals 6 - The Lesser Kim

Good :
Bats are still hot, at least some of them. Wilkerson and Sledge went 7 for 10 at the top of the lineup and Batista had two bombs when the Expos needed them. (one off the worst best closer in the league, Izzy) Biggest sequence not mentioned : Two outs and a man on second in the sixth and the 'spos get a pinch hit double by Endy Chavez, then a Wilkerson walk, and a single by Sledge. That's the 2-out rally that got them back in the game.

Thank god for the Cardinals being So Taguchi, which is not nearly as good as being So Raven

Bullpen goes 7 innings and gives up 1 run to a potent offense, 4 by Ayala, Horgan, and Cordero were scoreless. (TJ had the pitcher Maquis double - shut down the rest Pujols Rolen but Renteria had a weak single that got the run in) Vargas surprisingly effective.

Armas might be injured. That's no good. He's better than anyone we'd replace him with. Not much, but this team doesn't have a lot of room for error.

Kim. I hope this isn't the replacement 5th starter for Day. 4 innings - 5 ER. 2HR. It takes a lot to be considered the lesser Kim pitching in the majors. But he's got it made. Runs given up in 11 out of his last 14 appearence. "Not fair" you say? "Sometimes he starts" you say? Ok how about 7 out of the last 14 times he's appeared he's given up more runs than he's completed innings. Not talking so much now are you, big boy? Please bring up Rauch and give him a shot. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need.

Johnson 0-7. Just not his night. If he could have rapped out a couple hits., Batista's heroics probably wouldn't have been needed

Robinson uses 2 (count 'em) 2 pitchers as pinch hitters. Livan in extras, for Cordero and sacrificing kind of makes sense. He's a better hitter, more likely to get the job done (which he did) . But in the 5th - knowing you're going to take out Kim for Tucker, who in their right mind lets Tucker bat to lead off the inning? I don't get it. I would say maybe he confused him with Michael Tucker but who would let him bat either?

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