Tuesday, August 17, 2004


been a while: expos 2 other teams 2

Big news is that Rauch got his second start. Hit a HR off Clemens, no hit the Astros through 4+ then promptly got injured and put on the DL. My guess is that he hit a gypsy lady while riding on his skateboard when he was 12. Not enough to get a 'thinner' curse on him, but enough to make his major league career shaky. May that be a lesson to you - always look where you're skateboarding.

Starters were good (Rauch, Armas) or passable (Patterson the Walk Machine, Hernandez) but the bullpen has been unusually shaky. Cordero has blown up twice, and Ayala and Tucker have both had poor outings. Beltran got called up and fit right in, tossing some good stuff with marginal control at the plate.

Hitting has been good - Wilkerson and The Stick are especially hot.

Since they passed Toronto, Montreal has completely turned it off. Turn it back on. Colorado is next in the overall standings. It starts tonight versus....Schmidt. Ok it starts tomorrow.

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