Monday, August 23, 2004


Another weekend away - Montreal 2 games Colorado 1

Expos take 2 out of the last 3 versus the hated Rockies (from now on any team playing the Expos will be "hated" - the Rockies because they exist solely to make Vinny Castilla look good) Now they head home to their actual home - not their summer home on the island. (Anyone ever think that this makes the Expos actually the "rich" team in the league? How many other teams have a summer home? And all that French Food? This team is fancy, I bet they all go to private high schools and drink Royal Crown Cola...) With all this momentum they are ruin some teams playoff chances. They play the hated Dodgers next then San Diego(hated), Chicago (x2) (despised), Atlanta (x2) (loathed), Philadelphia(detested), and Florida(don't like very much, no sir, not at all) in their next home and away stands. They are going to do some damage against one of these teams.

As for what happened in the mile-high city, The Stick snapped like a twig (simile usage - +2 grammar points for me). Nick Johnson will be out for the year. A speedy recovery to my favorite Expo. I'd like to say nothing good comes from a ball to the face, but Ryan Church was brought up and man, that kid can hit. He's going to force someone (Juan Rivera I'm looking at you) out of that outfield. Maybe, just maybe he can teach Endy and Termell how to take a pitch.
Now if we can just get Izturis and Harris up here and give them some MLB experience...

Armas was injured (again) but just a shin contusion (dumbing it down - leg bruise, dumbing it down more - boo boo, here. owie.) I'd say sit him for the year but this injury is nothing serious. Beltran didn't pitch well in relief of him, but he's the only one in the bullpen that didn't. And you know what, I'm going to let him off the hook. I'll blame it on having to come in for and injured pitcher. You aren't ready. You have to warm up in a hurry. How can he be expected to compete under those conditions? That's right he can't. Hernanadez pitched a complete game (and lost). This brings the Hoss (Hossy Hossnandez? Completey McGamerstein? He might be a Jewish Scott you don't know for sure) that bring the hoss' major league leading complete game total to 1,342. An amazing season. Old school, F-Rob. Old school.

Oh and now an update on the overall standing climb for the Expos. After beating the Rockies two of three, and crawl within 2 and a half games. (forget about the streaking Red Sox - this is the race we should be focused on. The Red Sox will just lose in the end. The Expos and the Rockies? Who can tell?) More concerning is winning to keep pace with the Blue Jays for Kings of Canada. The Blue Jays have had a bit of luck recently. We hate those guys most of all.

Tampa Bay 56-68 .452
Milwaukee 55-67 .451
Colorado 55-69 .444
Montreal 52-71 .423
Toronto 52-72 .419
Seattle 46-76 .377
Kansas City 44-77 .364
Arizona 38-87 .304

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