Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Alls well that ends well...dammit!

Since I last sat down and "rapped" with you kids, the Expos have begun the long day's journey into night and it's only slightly more enjoyable than that play.

After an effective emergency performance by Scott Downs lead to an initial victory against the Padres, The Expos have had three straight dismal outings by Patterson (it is an even start, I guess), Biddle (it is a start, I guess) and the Lesser Kim. This team had no depth at starting pitching before Armas became the game of Operation, now they are just throwing people out there hoping to get 5 innings out of them so the bullpen (which by the way is still doing a pretty good job) can slam down the win.

F-Rob, when he's not nodding off, is pratically begging for any arms he can get for the last month. Since this year they can actually call-up people from the minors (Don't get me started how ridiculous that was) he'll get them. Unfortunately, as I've said before, it's an unimpressive lot.

They did make some call ups. Along with Downs, they brought up Macier Izturis. That's good, but where's Brendan Harris? If he doesn't get a call on Sept 1...I'll...I'll wonder why. That's about it. This month will be all about evaluating Izturis, Church, and Harris, to see if they can play everyday, along with deciding which of Sledge and Chavez will be in the OF to start next season and which will be on the bench. Church ahs performed below what I expected but he has been sick. Izturis has played a bit better. I said I'll keep you informed statwise and I will...eventually.

Wilkerson, will be going to arbitration after the year. You mean a Boras client will be difficult to sign? Wilkerson has got everything BUT the average and will be a productive, though probably not starring, hitter for a good number of years. He should be signed to a deal, but nothing wallet busting.

On the brighter side, Sledge has been hitting well.

That's it. Oh and Wilbon comes back tomorrow to PTI. Our long National Nightmare wiil soon be over.

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