Friday, July 16, 2004


Tonight's game

Tonight John Patterson goes for the Expos after being out since late April.   The ever-popular groin tear.   He was pretty effective in his pre-injury starts, good K/BB ratio.  We can kind of glean he has a problem giving up the longball, though.  Hopefully that won't be the case tonight.  What he should do in between innings is pay attention to opposing pitcher Paul Byrd.  Byrd doesn't have great stuff but he doesn't walk anyone and keeps the balls down.  When he does get hit (which he will) it's not the longball and there's noone on base to drive in.  Always keeps his teams in the game.   Patterson has better stuff and if he followed this strategy could be a fine pitcher in the majors. 

I think the Expos will get their 3-5 runs, probably a shot by Vidro involved, it'll just be up to Patterson to hold up his end. 

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