Saturday, July 17, 2004


It's a gift...and a curse

I was dead on for my prediction last night. The Expos got 5
runs, Vidro had his shot, and Patterson pitched well
enough. Actually he pitched like he did in Arizona, which
got him to Montreal. Too little control. 4 walks and
87 pitches in under 5 innings usually will get you a loss. But he
managed to pitch around this which makes me real interested in his next
start. I think a quality #2 starter lies in this guy.

I was not happy bringing in Vargas, who is proving bad starters can
transition to bad relievers, but I suppose F-Rob (as he likes me to
call him), F-Rob wanted someone who could go three innings if need
be. I'm just saying that three innings of Vargas - and you won't
have the lead anymore. Horgan had another fine go getting that
crucial DP. He got no ER in his last 7 appearences, very short
appearences but still, the Expos bullpen is becoming a real strength,
Horgan, Ayala, Cordero, and TJ Tucker. With Patterson back and if
someone can teach Armas to throw strikes. You could have a staff
that could really compete. I can see how they were at least
competitive. UNfortunately last night was a microcosm of what I
think the offense has been reduced to Johnson, and Vidro (and Endy if
it's a righty). You just pray for a timely hit from the other

Today we try to go for the series victory with Armas, who is hot (1 run
in last 17 innings). Of course he gets the luck of going
against Russ Ortiz who is 4-0 with a 1.65 era in his last 4
starts. It's got to end sometime right?
I'll say Armas manages to keep the ball where it's supposed to be
tonight and Russ gets a little flakey. A big hit by Endy gives us
the win 3-2.

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