Sunday, July 18, 2004


Atlatna 16 Expos 5 Ugh

The less said about this the better. Downs just did not have it today and then we trotted out the almost the entire B-List of the bullpen. Kim was scary bad, I mean scary. Then Vargas and Bentz. But in a game like this I don't really care using these guys. Just awful.

As for the talk of the day in Expos land, the trade of Carl Everett for John Rauch and Gary Majewski. I'll detail it more tomorrow but my initial thoughts are that the Expos got the better of the deal. John Rauch isn't unusable and maybe, if they are lucky, he can be a back of the rotation guy. Everett, who I will unfairly blame for the season up till now, I think is closer to 2001-2002 stats than last years season. He can hit if he's not injured and his heads in it, but it was never going to be that way for this team. Now for some nonsense:

Ok Carl's gone! The cancer is in remission. This team is ready to roll!

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