Thursday, July 15, 2004


Atlanta 8 Expos 0 - Not an auspicious beginning

Not exactly the 2nd half opener that I was hoping for as the Expos came back from the All-Star break as if they were just playing out the string. Ok, sure, they ARE just playing out the string but taking 3 of 4 from the surging Pirates before the break you thought maybe, just maybe they could pull off a .500 2nd half. At least I did as of today when I looked up this stuff.

This makes the EXPOS 2-8 versus the Braves this year. But don't think they are handing the Braves the NL East, they're 1-5 versus the Marlins and below .500 for the Phils and the Mets, too. At least respectably bad (less than 100 losses) against everyone else they are record bad against the NL East.

The good news:

Endy Chavez makes 2-3 to keep his average in tradable area for some team looking for a lefty bat and some speed off the bench. Tomorrow I'll look up if he's actually being shopped (what ? It's late)

Decent middle relief work

The bad news:
Orlando Cabrera (who I know is being shopped) swung at everything and missed most of the time. 3 K's. It's hard to shop a light hitting SS, it's near impossible to shop a no-hitting one.

Eric Gregg couldn't make it in to ump the game for Livan.

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