Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Moving & Jack Morris and the Quotable Stat

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This is the new home of my Nationals related blogging. Two Solariums, quite a find. All will be moved and nice and ready by the end of this weekend, but posting has already begun. I'm sure this will increase my readership by leaps and bounds as anti-Expo Washington sites will be forced to acknowledge my presence, now.

The original and still the best exposbaseball DOT blogspot DOT com will still be bringing you Expos news and the occasional random thought. Such as

Jack Morris and the quotable stat
Originally the stat to quote for Jack Morris' HOF case was "Most wins in the 80's" Then people realized most wins in the 80's doesn't mean you have the most wins from '78 to '88 or '81 to '91. It was just an arbitrary 10 year period and when you start looking at such things you get a lot of non Hall of Famers leading the lists. So now the quote is "Won 36 more games than any other pitcher during the time period in which he pitched". That got me thinking. Who exactly did he outduel? The 80's weren't exactly known for it's pitching (or it's hitting, for that matter. It was the decade of the Stolen Base and Slap Hitter) The list...

Jack Morris... 233
Bob Welch... 192
Dave Stieb... 174

Hmm. That's a mighty mediocre list Morris beat out there (to be fair I think Nolan Ryan is 4th or 5th - but he didn't get in because of his win total). Is "Better than non Hall of Famers" now all it takes to get in? I'm pretty sure that Tim Wallach was better than say Mike Pagliarulo and Dean Palmer.

Put Tim Wallach in the hall!

Huh? I've been linking to you ever since I found out about you, even though I get no reciprocal linking from you. No one was anti-expos. In contrast to something you said weeks ago, most of us have been following the Expos for well over a year, in anticipation of them eventually coming to D.C.... we were rooting for them then, and we're rooting for them now. I think you just liked being the only kid on the block! :-)
Links have never been my forte (as you can see if you look out the left side of my blog). This is going to be corrected in the new blog. For the time being the Nats were serving as a test subject to make sure I could do it right, since they were the first Washington based blog that linked me.

My "anti-Expos" jab was only because I noticed that most of the DC blogs with links don't link me but they link sites that link me so they must know I'm around. In fact it might just be you and the Nats. Honestly if they don't link me, that's fine. If you blog for high readership numbers - you probably will end up disappointed.

I never was the only kid on the block. I was one of three, in my opinion. Check out the Most Valuable Network for the most venerable and wise one. (The other one has been pretty dead since season's end)
Last I looked at the MVN one, it was pretty dead as well, with very infrequent posts, most of them bitter towards the area, instead of following the roster. The author clearly wasn't too excited about following the team to Washington, anyway.
By the way, inertia rules, and changing a template can be a bit of a pain, so I wouldn't take it personally if people didn't link to you, especially since you kept threatening to change the name. If people don't link to the new blog after a couple of days, email them. If they don't link to it a few days after that, then it is probably personal :-)
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